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{...Fourth of July...}
{...Fourth of July...}
One-shot|Songfic|As AU-ish As An AU Can Get
Famous!Ex!America X Reader (X Present-BF!Surprise)
[You and I were, you and I were fire.
You and I were, you and I were fire.
You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fire...]
    Alfred trudged into his hotel room, tugging his acoustic guitar's case with him. The past few weeks of his tour were miserable for him. They certainly will remain that way since you left him. He pulled up a stool to his make-shift songwriting station and set his songbook, guitar, note reference sheet, and all the other materials needed to write a song on it. Flipping his notebook pages filled with lyrics to sing, along with the notes to memorize for his next performance to a clean sheet of paper, he grabbed his lucky writing utensil and began to plan.
    Alfred would be
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 8 4
{Surprisingly Compatible} Prussia X Kuudere!Reader
{Surprisingly Compatible}
Prussia X Kuudere!Reader
((A/N: It's been awhile, huh? Oh yeah, a kuudere, for those who don't know is a character who is rather logical, blunt, apathetic, and rather 'emotionless' until you manage to gain their trust or they just happen to take a liking to you, which is unlikely. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy, I'm gonna try to revert to my old writing style, I honestly liked my old one one a bit more because it gets more detailed and personal. As always, watch out for swears because they **are** there, also there may be some sexual themes, nothing that big! Just Gilbert's imagination going wild, nothing too detailed. I will put a mature content warning if you guys think it does. Again, hope you enjoy!))

~*~*~Gil's POV~*~*~

It was before classes and I still can't get over the fact that I got to homeroom before the teacher did!
I'm bored... What to do, what to do... What
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 41 34
{Red Streaks} NK!America X Suicidal!Reader
{Red Streaks} 
New Kid!America X Bullied!Abused!Suicidal!???!Reader
(A/N: This is my first X Reader in which it deals with serious topics, I don't think that it needs a Mature Warning but if you feel the need just tell me and I'll do it. This is for a contest in ReadersInc, so yeah... Slight swearing, nothing too bad. Also, the reader has red highlights in her hair hence the title and your middle name is Redd. This is all in Alfred's POV. Thanks for reading.)
Her name is (Y/n) Redd (L/n). I loved her.
    I had moved from Dallas, Texas to (Somewhere in America). My mom had gotten a job here. She decided that I would attend Survey High School. That was a two mile walk from my house. It was long, but I could manage it. I was almost there for my first day when I noticed a girl, sitting on a tree branch, it seemed she was listening to music. She had long (h/c) hair with red streaks that was
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 34 49
{Iris}: Romano X Reader
Romano X Reader
(A/N: This is a sequel to this: {I'm Not That Girl} and the song's in the description, there may be swearing?)
And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now
It's been over a year since you last talked to him. Four hundred and thirteen days, more specifically.
He'd been with Bella for two hundred and eight of those days. Oh, how much he regretted those days.
Yes, he kept track.
Apparently, a few weeks before they split up, she began cheating on him with some Spanish guy.
He walked to a nearby cafe
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 12 7
51. Beautiful Sight.
51. Beautiful Sight.
Dave Strider X Reader
(A/N: This is Homestuck, there will be swears... Sadstuck-ish..?)
You had no idea that Dave was so secretive. He was usually like open book around you.
"Dave..." You murmured. Seeing how shocked he was, you were sure that he forgot about his plans to hang out with you.
He had just gotten out of the shower. Only with a towel around his waist, but you didn't care about how hot he looked right now. His eyes out in the open, you could tell that he didn't want them to be.
Dirk told you that it'd be good if you waited in his room, right before he left the cluttered apartment.
Not so good now, is it?
Dave quickly closed his eyes and fumbled around for his glasses.
"Shit, (Y/n). Where are my shades?"
"I don't know, dude. But stop, you might drop your towel or fall, or something. I already saw them, what's the point in hiding them? Plus, I like them. They're pretty cool,"
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 1 32
28. To Be Human.
28. To Be Human.
Brobot X Reader
"(Y/n)?" A cold voice echoed throughout the empty apartment.
You turned your head and looked at the present Dirk had sent you on your 13th birthday.
"Yeah, what's up, Brobot?" You answered, smiling slightly.
Your metallic friend looked you in the eye, red Kamina shades shining in the sun from the window.
"What is it like to be human?" (E/c) eyes widened as you froze in place.
What is it like to be human? How could that be described?
"Well... I don't know actually," You frowned, when you came to the conclusion.
He kept his signature straight face that his creator was known for in the group of friends.
"But you are human, correct? Shouldn't you be able to describe this with ease? Unless you aren't, if so, I can always redirect my inquiry to my creator who may be on standby unless his priorities lie elsewhere." Brobot said bluntly.
 You shook your head, he didn
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 5 19
1. Powers Combined.
{Powers Combined.}
Superhero!America X Anti-Hero!Reader
(A/N: I found this 100 Theme Challenge, it'll be linked in the description. I'll try to do it all, but who knows?)
He punched the Ice Sinner in the gut with his super-strength, then hit him with a red laser that drained energy and power from the victim protruded from his hand.
The Russian villain best known for his ice powers, snowy scarf and ice pipe fell off of his floating ice platform and hit the ground, ice forming in the crater left behind.
Time passed before the authorities took over and arrested the fiend while he was unconscious.
People applauded the man who floated in the sky, who was basking in his glory and appreciation. 
Who was this man? Why, this was The American Hero.
Quite the patriotic name, correct? He was also Alfred F. Jones, an average employee at McDonald's.
No one knew th
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 8 2
{I'm Not That Girl} Romano X One-sided!Reader
I'm Not That Girl
Romano X One-sided!Reader
(A/N: Song in description.)
Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
Two hands touched each other as they walked past each other. The conversation the Southern Italian was holding with you came to a halt. A blush rose on both of the faces of the participants of the sudden contact.
It was love.
But I'm not that girl
The girl had a green bow in her hair that matched her eyes. She stared into the dark hazel eyes that belonged to Lovino.
"Umm...Hi? I'm sorry, sir!" She apologized.
"Oh. Um, don't worry about it, it was my fault..." He smiled. You watched the love blossom between the boy you've loved for years and a complete stranger and looked away in regret.
Don't dream too far
Don't lose sight of who you are
Don't remember that rush of joy
He could be that boy
I'm not that girl
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 27 10
{Say You Like Me} America X Shy!Reader
Say You Like Me... (Songfic)
America X Shy!Reader
(A/N: Song in the description. This is a really short thing that I came up with and I hope you like it!)
She's the girl that no one ever knows.
And I say hi, but she's too shy to say hello.
She's just waiting for that one to take her hand
And shake her up.
I bet I could.
(Y/n) (L/n), the shy, quiet girl. Is she like those shy anime girls that Kiku fancies? No, not at all. She just doesn't talk much.
Alfred F. Jones, the hot jock blonde boy. Is he like a stereotypical American boy that almost anyone from another country pictures?
Probably, just less fat.
How did these two ever become friends? Hell, you wouldn't even consider them "friends". It seemed more one-sided. He was so determined about making her a social butterfly, he would always say that only he could that, no one else.
I wish my heart was always on her mind.
'Cause she's on mine lik
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 33 26
Happy 4/13! Homestuck is Back!
Happy Birthday, John and Jane and Homestuck in general!

Oh, how much you've impacted your fans...
Maybe it started off boring and dull... But look how far we've come!
Even through the most difficult of times, like the first Gigapause, and GAME OVER, we persevered...
Still, we have that bond with the characters that not even death could sever.
The patience we've had for the next update is withering. 
Universally, we wriggle like grubs in excitement.
Can't wait for John to fix the timeline.
Karkat, Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, Feferi... ALL THE TROLLS, we love them...Except for maybe Gamzee...
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 5 104
{Wrong Kind Of Nosebleed} Japan X Reader
Wrong Kind Of Nosebleed
Japan X Reader
(A/N: There will be swearing...And I'll be typing his words in his accent, so if it says 'breeding' it means 'bleeding' and you both live in New England in America because it's cold as fuck here right now and my mom insists on keeping the heater full blast all day. It doesn't help that my room is the only one that has an overworking heater. This is also really short, I think. Call it a drabble or whatever.)
Okay, living with an anime-loving Japanese man is awesome and all, but... in certain situations, it really sucks. Not that you don't like him! It's just... troublesome at times, like right now.
Let's just say if some sort artificial heat is too much, you tend to get nosebleeds. Him being the anime fan he is... He has a tendency to misinterpret the reasons for your nosebleed.
Like once again, right now. He walked into the living room in his relaxation clothes as usual.
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 71 34
Homestuck OC: Evan Creed (Mage Of Blood) :iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 1 6
{Who Is Mary?} Prussia X Reader
Who Is Mary?
Prussia X Reader
(A/N: Warning! There may be swearing... I think. Also, this is short. Consider it a drabble, because I don't know how long a drabble is supposed to be. Picture of the onesie and Mary's outfit in the description.)
It was an average Saturday afternoon. 
It was boring without any friends to hang out with.
Well, you had friends, but they we're all too busy or preoccupied to deal with your issues. You originally had plans with your boyfriend of three years, Gilbert Beilschmidt, except, to your dismay, he had to cancel.
So that left you with one option...
Laying around the house, in a bat onesie that had wings, watching things on any devise you could find. Now, here you had an option before that, which was go outside and be productive on your own. But we all know that you aren't going to do that alone.
That's kinda pathetic in your opinion. No offence to anyone who actually does th
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 17 41
(ISI!: PruCan Ending) Hetalia X Reader
I Ship It!
Hetalia X Shipper!Reader
PruCan Ending
(A/N: There may or may not be swears... Intro: I Ship It!)
    Your OTP is PruCan.
    Like, how the fuck could you not ship this?! Gilbert is the essence of everything "Awesome," and Mattie has the aura of everything "Sweet," they're fucking adorable together! Gilbert even gave him the nickname, "Birdie," and we all know how much he loves birds! They're total polar opposites, but they complement each other! It's like Alfred and Kiku! Totally different, yet they understand each other! (Well, try
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 14 94
My Little Car Chaser|Americat X Depressed!Reader
My Little Car Chaser
Dead!Americat X Depressed!Owner!Reader
(A/N: This will be in 1st person, with words like 'I' instead of 'you')
Why did it happen to him?
Why didn't I stop him? 
Why couldn't I move when it happened?
It's all my fault.
Of course it is.
I miss him. 
I miss his loud meows.
I miss that little tuft of fur that stuck out from the rest.
I miss his strange obsession with McDonalds.
I miss his white and brown fur.
I miss his bright blue eyes that always shined with excitement.
I miss his cuddles.
I miss everything about him.
I miss you, Alfie.
I can't live happily without him.
I hate my life.
I hate myself.
I hate the person who ran over him.
I hate the fact that it wasn't considered a crime when someone killed him.
Why didn't they understand?
They must not have a heart.
Or a pet that they cared about.
Why can't they understand my grief?
I'm mourning.
Just leave me alone.
I want him back.
I can't let
:iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 23 54
Homestuck OC: Echo Creed (The Thief Of Rage) :iconanimepanther921:AnimePanther921 2 2


chromesthesia. | tsukishima kei
{ tsukishima kei x reader | drabble } 

When she speaks, it's similar to Tadashi. Warm oranges and pinks swirl around her, and through his eyes that sting with tears, he can hear her voice clearly. Words of love flow from her lips, and a single hand is pressed to his chest. It's soft, and through the shadowy black, he can feel a soft, warm, yellow where her hand lingers.
He can't breathe. It's a fact that dawns on him; and it feels more and more like suffocation, and the warm yellow leaving his chest soon becomes a dark shadow once more, and her words fade out again. Coughs and wheezes escape his chapped lips, as he struggles to breathe, his knees pulled close to his chest; lanky arms surrounding. He's alone, he's alone, and he can't do a damn thing about it.
A soft orange floats in from amidst the darkness, and she's speaking. She's speaking again, and it's the most beautiful thing he has heard, and his lungs seem to function slowly, and tears stream down his cheeks. H
:iconminakurosaki:minakurosaki 45 17
messaging. | tsukishima kei
{ tsukishima kei x reader | drabble }
Tsukishima Kei entered the chatroom. (19:26)
[Name] entered the chatroom. (19:29)

Tsukishima Kei: We just finished practice. 
[Name]: oh, rly? how was it?

Tsukishima Kei: The first years were so irritating, as usual. 
[Name]: im offended, kei! im a first year as well, u kno!

Tsukishima Kei: Congrats, you're the one good first year out of the two hundred.
[Name]: u were a first year once, too!

Tsukishima Kei: But I'm a third year now.
Tsukishima Kei: Soon to be university student.
[Name]: yeah...
[Name]: speakin of, did u get any acceptance letters to universisity yet??
[Name]: University**
Tsukishima Kei: Yeah. I actually got my acceptance letter today.
[Name]: aaaaa how exciting! which one?
[Name]: tokyo??? i hope it is bc then imma bother u so much ٩(
:iconminakurosaki:minakurosaki 75 28


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My name is Diana, but feel free to call me whatever you feel comfortable with. I used write for Hetalia, maybe some Homestuck.

I'm a person who likes the random stuff. You'll find me in multiple fandoms. Mainly anime and video games though! I take requests but they may take time, so if I don't answer right away or post it as quickly as you hoped, I apologize. Either way, thank you for visiting my page!

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? Around eleven months, I believe

  2. What does your username mean? Anime, my cat's name, and my birthday all put together, so all my favorite things!

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Blunt, sarcastic, introverted.

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right-handed!

  5. What was your first deviation? She's A Lady Romano X Reader

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Literature for sure!

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Musical arts or maybe visual arts?

  8. What was your first favourite? By :iconkittykatrocks12: on She's A Lady Romano X Reader!

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Literature, mainly X Readers...

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? :iconjenthaos:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Most likely :iconchibi-katana:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? More than one, to be honest, all my watchers and everyone I watch has affected me and my writing!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? To draw; pencil and paper. To write; laptop.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Writing-wise, alone in my room; drawing-wise; around others.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? My favorite dA memory was the time a friend of mine on here tagged me on a journal of friends and people she was glad to meet.


[x] you have dry skin.
[] you eat 1 meal. 
[] you're very weak. 
[x] you hate your body 
[] you starve yourself. 
[x] you have low self esteem. 
[] you use laxatives.
[x] you need to be skinnier. 
[] people always say you're skinny, but you think you're fat. 
[] people think you are too skinny.

Total: 4


[x] your mind is all over the place. 
[] you are hyper most of the time. 
[x] you barely pay attention to anything
[x] you cannot cooperate with people well. 
[] you seem to never sit still. 
[] you talk all the time. 
[] you need attention 24/7. 

Total: 7


[x] you can act wild at times then the next day you are depressed.
[x] you are very irritable. 
[x] you get hardly any or no sleep.
[x] you are anti-social.
[x] you have very high self esteem at times.
[] you are abusing alcohol, drugs, or sex. 
[x] you have thought of/attempted suicide. 

Total:  13


[] you throw up all of your food. 
[] you throw it up even when you don't feel sick.
[x] you have no control over how you eat.
[] you use laxatives.
[] you have over-exercised to where you almost fainted/passed out.
[x] you always say you are fat, when you aren't.
[] people think you are way too skinny

Total: 15


[] you are a bully. 
[x] you threaten other people. 
[x] you often find yourself in fights.
[x] you have used a weapon that could cause injury to others. 
[x] you are cruel to humans and/or animals. ((Humans only.))
[] you have raped/molested someone. 
[] you destroy property on purpose.
[] you always lie.
[] you stay out all night. 
[] you have ran away from home.

Total: 19


[x] you are always sad.
[x] you find no hope in your future.
[x] you no longer find excitement in the activities you used to love 
[x] you always find yourself around the house or in bed all day. 
[x] you can be/are anti-social. 
[x] you have low self esteem. 
[x] everything bad that happens is always your fault.
[x] you always seem to be weak or have physical features hurt. 
[] you are failing school. 
[x] you have thought of/attempted suicide. 
[] you have ran away from home.
[x] hope is no longer there for you.

Total: 29


[] you have daily rituals. 
[x] you have disturbing thoughts or thoughts you hate.
[x] you have to do a certain thing until it feels right. 
[] you have to keep things in a certain order. 
[x] you have harmed yourself.
[x] you are afraid you will get an STD, AIDS, or any kind of germs.
[x] you have to check some stuff over again.

Total: 34


[x] you repeatedly have flashbacks of horrible moments/memories in your life.
[] you repeatedly have dreams of horrible moments/memories in your life.
[X] you sometimes think the event will happen again.
[x] you feel highly uncomfortable when remembered/remembering the event.
[x] you can be/are anti-social. 
[x] you have lost interest in the things you used to love. 
[x] you have not had a lot of sleep lately. 
[x] you worry about dying at an early age or dying at all. 
[x] you can have angry outbursts.
[] you act younger than your age.

Total: 42


[x] you often have hallucinations. 
[x] you have strange, unusual dreams or thoughts. 
[x] you can be confused about reality and fantasy. 
[x] you think people are always staring at or talking about you. 
[x] you have extreme anxiety or fearfulness.
[x] you have difficulty with relationships with family, friends, and opposite sex. ((Same sex as well))
[x] you do not take care of your hygiene like you should. 
[x] you are very shy. 
[X] you often talk to yourself. 

Total: 51

Final score: 

0-5: You're very normal.
6-15: You're fine. Mkay.
16-20: You might be okay.
21-30: You have problems. 
31-35: You have really bad problems. You might need to see a therapist. 

I got a 51... I don't...think I need help, do I? It seems kinda...worrying.
Someone give my trash crow child a reward. Best character development ever. im liteRALLY CRYING OVER MY PRECIOUS TSUKKI. AKI LOOKS SO PROUD TOO, UGH... IM DEAD. TSUKKI IS SO PRECIOUS.

$200+ and Art in Prizes! - OC Drawing Contest!

This is a contest by rimuu, and it's really cool, so you should join if you have the chance!
It's 6/12, so...
Happy wriggling day, Karkat!
It was only who knows how long ago that Hiveswap was brought into Homestuck, this was the day we were formally introduced to the trolls.
Happy wriggling day\birthday, Karkles!




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